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Special thanks to The Synthetic Grass Store for helping with our team batting cage!

Batting Cage

Batting Cage Batting Cage

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About US

Vendetta Brimhall Black 18U, Maroon 18U, and 16U are fastpitch softball teams based in Phoenix’s east valley.

Our mission is to compete at the highest level tournaments, advance player development, and help prepare student-athletes for college scholarship opportunities.

Each team will be traveling year-round and will be attending several national tournaments in 2023. The 18U teams will be focused on Showcase events, with the goal of getting these young ladies to the next level.

Our organization is part of your community that is helping young ladies learn about self-respect, discipline, and self-worth while also helping them achieve their goals to play softball at the next level and possibly get a significant portion of their education taken care of in the form of scholarship offers.

Organized sports teach more than a game. The lessons learned will carry over into these young ladies’ everyday lives. What kind of real-life lessons do these young ladies learn?

Through softball they learn:

  • The value of hard work
  • How to deal with diversity
  • How small changes reap big dividends
  • How to work and compete in a team environment and as an individual
  • A sense of self-worth, pride, and self-respect earned from their accomplishments. That their failures are only lessons to future success

Are these not all things needed to succeed in today’s competitive world?

Our players are all very good students, involved in charitable giving and some hold jobs as well as put in their time chasing their dreams of playing softball at the next level.