Brimhall Batting Cage Scheduler

Please read before scheduling!

  1. Select the organization from the “Lesson Type” drop down menu.
  2. Select the coach. 
  3. Select the date and time
  4. Enter Player information.
  5. Click I’m not a Robot and then Submit.

To cancel a previous booked lesson. Find your confirmation email and click the cancellation link. This removes your appointment thus allowing another player to book a lesson during that time slot.

View the calendar below to see who is on the schedule. Check the map out below for Coach’s address.

Turf or running shoes ONLY!

Batting Cage Scheduled Lessons Calendar

Problem: Scheduling Calendar not displayed on iPhone or Mac when using the Safari web browser.

Solution: Use a different web browser or disable cross-tracking

How to disable cross-tracking:

Go to iPhone: Settings. Safari.. scroll down to Privacy & Security and Deselect “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”.  Reload the page and now you should see the scheduling calendar.

Even though we don’t perform any cross-site tracking by default on the scheduling calendar, the embeddable calendar from time to time falls into the bucket of objects to be filtered out by Safari.